CryTech Mining

Contribution in the mining of profitable Cryptocurrencies, highly efficient and secure (for everyone)

You acquire the token, we handle the hard work,
you take your profit.

Investment in mining has never been such easy

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As soon as you obtain your token, you own hashpower from our farms forever, as long as you hold the token.

Each token equals 1 GigaHash of SHA256 algorithm - or equal amount of hashpower for other algorithms. As long as you hold the token, you receive the regular profit distribution.

You can also sell your tokens whenever you desire.

(we will inform you before ICO and you will be prioritized)

Highly Profitable Investment

The price of electricity is the main factor in mining profitability. We have access to inexpensive electricity < 0.03USD per kilowatt - that boosts the profitability

crytech mining profitability

Secure Investment

You rest assured that your budget directly goes into mining hardwares and your capital is actually swapped with physical devices that mine crypto-currencies

We distribute our farms in several countries, all of which have declared mining legitimate and legal.

Crytech mining Security

Compare with Other Cloud Mining Services

CryTech Mining CryTech Mining with bonus i CryTech mining with bonus.
Payment in CRY token i genesis-mining Hashmart
Initial Investment $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
What you get: 22.2 THash 27.75 THash 27.75 THash 15 THash 6.3 Thash 10.2 Thash
Annual Profit $582 $727 $1,384 $838 $582 $459
Assets value after 12 months i $1,000 $1250 $1,250 0 333 1000
Assets value + Profit $1,582 $1,977 $2,634 $838 $915 $1,459
Profit % 58% 98% 163% -16% -9% 46%
You can sell and trade your hash power
Decentralized using smartcontracts
Hashpower ownership time Forever Forever Forever 12 month 21 month Forever

NOTE: All numbers are based on current bitcoin price and network difficulty

Profit calculator

The amount of investment: 1,000$

Investment Period: 12 Month(s)

Bitcoin Price:

After ICO investment

Hashrate: X THash

Profit: $

Tokens + Profit: $

Investment in ICO

Hashrate: X THash

Profit: $

Tokens + Profit: $

Investment in ICO payouts with CRY token

Hashrate: X THash

Profit: $

Tokens + Profit: $

NOTE: All numbers are based on current network difficulty

Transparency via Smart Contracts

All processes involving: issuing, distribution, and burning of tokens are done by Smart Contract. The Smart Contract directly inquires the Real Hash Power from the mining pool. The Smart Contract guarantees that 1 token is always equal 1 Giga Hash of SHA256 processing power (or equal amount of other algorithms).

Meet Our Team

Ali Gonabadi

Ali Gonabadi

Co-founder & CEO & CTO

Mahdi Abdi

Mahdi Abdi

Co-founder & COO & Head of Engineering

Saeed Bayat

Saeed Bayat

Co-founder & CFO

Mahdi Tahsildari

Mahdi Tahsildari

Project Manager

Mahdi Ghashghaii

Mahdi Ghashghaii

Head of block chain development

Amin Vakili

Amin Vakili

Graphic & UI Designer

Amin Gonabadi

Amin Gonabadi

Front-end Developer

Moslem Ebrahimi

Muslim Ibrahimi

Mining Engineer

Sina Moghddas

Sina Moghddas

Senior Network and Cloud Engineer


Ahmad Ahmadi

Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi

Professor of Law and Legal
Advisor at Mashhad Science and Technology Park

Ali Jahedi

Dr. Ali Jahedi

Director of Mashhad
Science and Technology Park Development Center

Mohammadreza Sahebkar

Mohammadreza Sahebkar

Business and Import

Our timeline

April 2017

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and forming a team to work in various areas related to Cryptocurrencies

November 2017

Developing Cryptocurrency trading robot and capital management softwares

January 2018

Initial investigation on Cryptocurrency mining


Starting serious investigations to launch Cryptocurrency mining and access to cheap electricity, the Key to success in mining

March 2019

Launching first mini-farm with the capacity of 200 Terahash and 20 KiloWatt Hour power consumption to experience the challenges of running and maintaining mining farms an action

August 2019

Second mini-farm with 500Thash hashpower successfuly launched.
Start mining in second country

July 2019

Start developing the Mining Service Platform

December 2019


January 2020

Purchase miners and equipments to expand the mining volume Launching User Dashboard

February 2020

The first profit distribution

Q1 2020

Launching our first Hydroelectric Power Plant